Art and media are two of the many ways to spark conversations to enable actions for change to happen.

I want to tell universal stories. I call myself a multi-disciplinary creative because I am developing in acting, writing, producing, researching and teaching. I am an advocate for mental health and expressing ourselves authentically. Vulnerability is our strength.

Through words we connect
Through eyes we define souls
Through living we learn
In life we pull through as we smile, laugh, cry, hurt & love.

– Shazia Bibi

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Do not weep…

Do not weep, For I am long gone, Up above with the lovers, I look beyond your years to come, You will conquer, You will flourish. Do not weep, My dear friend,…


You are beautiful, With your unspoken stories, & stitched scars, Stretch marks, Bruises, Broken bones, As you feel, Heart aches, And that pain, Lingering blood & sweat, Every inch of your skin,…