Art and media are two of the many ways to spark conversations to enable actions for change to happen.

I want to tell universal stories. I call myself a multi-disciplinary creative because I am developing in acting, writing, producing, researching and teaching. I am an advocate for mental health and expressing ourselves authentically. Vulnerability is our strength.

There are multiple voices that want to hinder our progress or make us doubt ourselves. Therefore, it is important to have a connection with yourself and to listen to your own inner voice.

It is important to be aware that rejection, failure, hurt and pain are there to be embraced. It is in our difficulties where we learn the most. As long as we are learning, growing and understanding ourselves and others we can make a difference.

I have experience working in different fields. From market research and evaluation, production assistance, project management, youth theatre assistant, teaching assistant, acting, writing and producing.

I want to dismantle a misrepresentative system.

I feel it is important to question the systems we live and work in; to challenge the status quo. I believe in conscious decision making and in understanding our conscious and unconscious bias. And to work on unlearning bias and conditioned behaviours.

We all want each interview or audition to be successful. But, the reality is that rejections are part of the process! It is all about perspective, hard work, persistence, resilience and commitment. I would like to publish my writings because I want to show our differences are unique because there is beauty in individualism. There is beauty in each one of us. I am more than my qualifications, heritage, appearance and experiences.

I am seeking opportunities to perform, to produce, to write, to research, to make action plans for change, to teach and to learn.