Laila’s Garden – A short story

In the midst of summer rain, Laila sat in front of her dirty window and watched how each drop splattered on the muddy ground. She was nine years of age when she realised there was a world further than her window and her unkempt garden. Today Laila turned thirteen. During dinner she combusted the courage to ask her father something which was very important to her since she was nine.

After she asked, there was an uncomfortable silence. Then in few moments, she asked again, “Baba can I clean the garden and plant flowers?” In one sudden move, her father got up and looked deeply into her eyes and venomously said, “NO!” 

Laila got up and ran to her room. Full of tears, a hungry stomach and deep regret she asked such a question. The rain stopped outside as Laila cried. She got up and went to her bed. Under her pillow there were papers and a pencil. 

She started to draw. The more she drew, the happier she got. The happier she got, the more she drew. Finally she finished. She had drawn the most, beautiful garden on Earth. As if she was God herself, she created a heaven on earth in her drawing. There was heaven in Laila’s garden.


The end of a new beginning.


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